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Papad is a round thin snack,mostly used by north indian people. Main ingredient of this is pealed black gram flour (urad dal flour) and pepper. Roasting of papad is the best method comparing frying, which enhance the taste of papad and gives strong pepper flavour.

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Disco papad manufacturers

Coin Papad

Coin papad or disco papad. Which is a mini size of north indian masala papad. Children love this snack because of it's size and unique taste.

The main ingredient of this is urad dal flour and pepper. Diameter of disco papad is 1.5 inch.

Best Appalam Papad Manufacturers in Madurai

You get more happiness when you prepare a homemade appalam. But sometimes you will not be able to prepare it due to several reasons. You can buy appalam from Mahaganapathi Foods, who are in the industry for more than two decades.

Indian food is reputed for the side dishes on the plate and when you eat the crispy wafers called appalam, it will be a delight. These crunchy food are manufactured by appalam manufacturers in Chennai with great love and care. This tasty appalam makes us relish every bite of the rice that we have. Tasting this appalam once in a while is indeed a delight.

This delicious food is prepared by Indians across different regions. Whether it is the Tamilnadu-renowned appalam or the Kerala style pappadam or the north Indian papad, appalam manufacturers in Madurai ensure that you have a great experience.

Appalam Manufacturers in India

When you look out for appalam papad in Madurai, Tamilnadu for wholesale, you can contact Mahaganapathi foods. These appalam manufacturers have five brands. You can also have a product under your brand from these appalam manufacturers in India.

Papad manufacturers in Madurai are a reason for you to experience the crunchy taste of papad even when you have tea or snacks. The appalams or papads are made in different sizes. For children, appalam is always a delight and when they are in the shape of a ring or coin, their joy knows no bound. The parents can give these papads which are prepared by the papad manufacturers in Madurai to their children during snack time occasionally and make them happy.

The appalam made by the appalam manufacturers in Tamilnadu is full of flavor and when you fry them, the flavors that were earlier added to them will be even crispier. The pealed black gram flour adds flavor to it and so is the jeera or pepper or garlic or jack fruit.

Mahaganapathi food not only manufactures but also export appalam to several countries. We also supply appalam in India.